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We have RNA-Seq data from two strains of rat brains, which consists of 3 samples of each of the HXB inbred panel parental strains(BN-Lx/CubPrin and SHR/OlaIpcvPrin). PolyA+, Total RNA (>200 nt) after ribosomal RNA depletion, and Small RNA data is available from the Illumina platform and Total RNA from Helicos for both strains.

The raw read data is downloadable as a .bam file(Illumina/PolyA+,Total RNA, Small RNA) or .bed(Helicos/Total RNA).

More strains will become available so keep checking back.

This data has been used to create a transcriptome reconstruction for rat brain. The reconstructed transcripts are displayed alongside Ensembl transcripts with detailed gene/transcript information under Detailed Genome/Transcription Information.

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