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Quantitative Trait Locus(QTL) Tools

Our interactive chromosome map can simultaneously display the location of your genes, the location of their transcription control, and any regions of interest or phenotypic QTL. You can:

  • Find locations of transcription control (eQTL) for your candidate genes    more
    Use our brain eQTL data for both mice (BXD and LXS) and rats (HXB/BXH) and our liver/heart/brown adipose tissue eQTL data for rats(HXB/BXH) to see where in the genome the transcription of your candidate genes are controlled.
  • Identify candidate genes with an eQTL that overlaps your pQTL    more
    Reduce your list of candidate genes by requiring that their expression is associated with your phenotype, and that their expression is controlled in the same region of the genome that has been shown to control the phenotype.

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