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Gene Analysis Tools

After you have created a list of candidate genes in our Analyze Microarray Data section or even if you already have a list of genes, we offer a collection of tools for researching these genes all in one place. Using our tools, you can:

  • View multiple sources of annotation    more
    Get as much information as possible about each gene in your list, no matter what type of identifier you started with.
  • Perform a literature search    more
    Look for all your genes simultaneously in PubMed and highlight publications that contain more than one gene in your list.
  • Analyze promoter sequences    more
    Perform a MEME analysis, an oPOSSUM analysis, or simply retrieve the upstream sequences for your genes in FASTA format.
  • Compare gene lists    more
    Use our tools to find genes that are common to more than one of your candidate gene lists or find those genes that are unique to a particular list.
  • View the location of your genes    more
    Display your genes on our downloadable and zoomable chromosome map. You can even limit your genes by regions of the genome.

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