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Downloadable Resources

Although we provide many integrated tools to analyze our public data sets, we realize that you may prefer to conduct your analyses offline. Many of our data sets are available on the website and can easily be downloaded in a raw or processed format. You can:

  • Download expression data from our public data sets    more
    Expression data for the public data sets is available in bulk download in either their raw format (e.g., CEL files for Affymetrix arrays) or as normalized data.
  • Download expression quantitative trait loci information (eQTL) and expression heritability estimate    more
    Download information on the major eQTL or the heritability estimate for each transcript/probe set in the recombinant inbred public data sets: Brain in BXD or LXS mice or HXB/BXH rats; liver, heart, or brown adipose tissue in HXB/BXH rats.
  • Download recently generated RNA-Seq data    more
    RNA-Seq data from whole brain of three biological replicates of two inbred rat strains (BN-Lx/CubPrin and SHR/OlaPrin, the progenitors of the HXB/BXH panel) were generated from polyA+ RNA sequencing on the Illumina HiSeq2000 sequencer in 100X100 paired end reads and from total RNA (after reduction of ribosomal RNA) on the Helicos Heliscope Single Molecule sequencer.

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