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Working...Genes should load within 5-10 seconds. Regions depend on the size(ex. 5 Megabases may take ~1 minute).
1. Enter a gene identifier(e.g. gene symbol, probe set ID, Ensembl ID, etc.) in the gene field.
Enter a region such as
chr1:1-50000 is Chromosome 1 @ bp 1-50,000.
chr1:5000+-2000 is Chromosome 1 @ bp 3,000-7,000.
chr1:5000+2000 is Chromosome 1 @ bp 5,000-7,000.
chr1:50.126-51.345 is Chromosome 1 @ 50,126,000-51,345,000
chr1:50.15+-100.0k is chromosome 1 @ 50,050,000-50,250,000
Click on the Translate Region to Mouse/Rat to find regions on the Mouse/Rat genome that correspond to a region of interest in the Human/Mouse/Rat genome.
2. Choose a species.
3. Click Get Transcription Details.

ERROR: The Ensembl ID entered is not present in the current version of the Ensembl database being used for your selected genome version (rn6).

We recommend trying again after switching genome versions to Rn5 by following this link.

It is possible that the ID is from an older ensembl/genome version or an intermediate version of the ensembl database that is not supported on PhenoGen. We only support the latest version of the Ensembl database for each genome version. Currently v79 for rn5 and v84 for rn6.


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